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There seems to be both differences and similarities between psychics and mediums

Psychics and Mediums

Psychics and Mediums

Its not uncommon that people get confused when talking about psychics and mediums and not all people understand the difference between the two. What just might shock you is that these different types of readers are not just different but totally and completely different from each other. A psychic is not a medium and a medium is not a psychic. Although yes, it is common with psychics and mediums and if they are one that they usually have some ability in the other but no where near as developed.

Clairvoyant Mediums:

Mediums communicate with the souls or spirits of the deceased and some times of those that have not yet been born. In fact, mediums do not make psychic predictions or give any psychic like information unless it is a message that was given to them by a deceased persons soul or other such spirit. Psychics and mediums are very different from each other and although some people will confuse the two they are not the same in any way and really shouldn’t ever be allowed to be confused but it happens all the time. You wouldn’t call a baker to find out about barbecuing steak would you?

A Little About Psychics:

Psychics and Mediums


Psychics provide insight and psychic prediction on coming events, they can also some times tell you about the feelings and emotions of others as well as past events. A person who is a psychic and not a medium does not contact spirits or souls in any way. Although psychics and mediums do tend to have a little skill in the one that they are not, you need to see that there is a difference between the two. You don’t want to call a medium to talk about getting a promotion at work and you don’t want to call a psychic to find out about your deceased Grandmother. Its actually a little funny when you think about it.

The bottom line is that psychics and mediums are very different and although a psychic may have a touch of the ability that a medium has and medium may have a touch of psychic ability it doesn’t mean that they are any where near the same things. For years these types of readers have been confused and that can create a frustrating situation for both the psychics and mediums as well as their clients who didn’t know that there was a difference between the two. Its not fault of the clients that contact the readers but more the fault of movies and other such productions that blur the lines between the two and don’t bother to show that there is a real difference between psychics and mediums.


A video about how psychics and mediums work, it about 12minutes long and I thing he gives a pretty good explanation

There are good psychics and mediums and there are some charlatans.

Even the best ones are only expected to get 65% to 95% correct and even they have some off days.

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