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A short article and video about the “Psychic Eye”

Of course there are others who simply call the psychic ability a psychic eye or third eye as a psychic uses the “psychic eye” to see into the future. The question remains though, does such an eye or location of the brain actually exist and why don’t we all use it? There are a couple of different opinions on this.

 third eye

Third Eye

One such view is that the human brain has a gland that is called the pineal gland and that it is located on the central backside of the brain. This gland was once thought to be about the size of a golf ball and was used to breathe with, similar to a lung. As you breathed in and out with this gland you would be allowed to see the world for its entirety and see things that you could not other wise see and there for the gland was nic-named the psychic eye. According to this theory, over time we have stopped using this gland for breathing purposes and it has now gone nearly completely dormant and has shrunk in size to that of a pea. This has distorted the views that we once got and the psychic eye no longer functions as it once did many thousands of years ago. Of course this is just one theory about the psychic eye.

There are as many theories about the psychic eye and other such psychic events as there are grains of sand on a beach. Some even refer to it as being one of the chakras. However, no matter which way you look at the psychic eye you can certainly see that we are all searching for a reason or source for how or where a psychic gets their information from. To those questions we may never actually have an answer.

The fact remains that the human race has nearly always been able to identify the fact that some people have a unique ability to see the future events and over time we have come to call it the psychic eye. So no matter if you think that this comes from a pineal gland that is dormant in some and not so dormant in others or if you think that some people just naturally have the psychic eye, you do know that some thing is happening and for reasons that are unclear some people just know what the future holds and what’s really out there and for those of us that do not, we will always be searching for someone who has the psychic eye.

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