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Psychic Tests and Zener Cards

Psychic Tests

Psychic Tests

At one time or another all of us have experienced some level of a psychic experience. Like knowing who is on the phone before you pick it up. When this happens we tend to brush it off as chance but stop and think a moment. Has that happened before or does that happen all the time for you? There is a chance that you may have just had a Deja vu moment or you may actually have an untapped psychic gift. There are several psychic tests that can help you to answer that question.

AM I Psychic

First things first we need to understand what being psychic means. It doesn’t mean that your some crazy cat lady that sees things in a crystal ball, but what it does mean, in a basic way, is that you just seem to know things. This could be knowing what’s going to happen next or even about a person or a place that you have never been before.

Psychic PowerTest

To find out if you are actually psychic and not just lucky you should take one or more of the many psychic tests. Online there are many different tests that you can take and most of them ask you questions about random events or objects that the computer will randomly choose. The type of ability that this type of test is checking for is extrasensory perception, which is just one of many different forms of psychic ability. So even a good psychic may not do well with one of these tests because they lack that ability. It doesn’t make them a bad or the test a bad one, it just means that the two are different.

One of my favorite psychic tests are Zener cards! This is fun to do online or at home. In fact, if you cant find Zener cards in a store near you, you should be able to find a printable set on the online. The Zener cardshave symbols on them, things like a circle, wavy lines, and squares.  Online the computer will pick a card and you try to pick the one that it. If you would like to do this with the actual cards its best to use two people and sit back to back, one person will draw a card and the other one will announce what card it is. Even if you find that you don’t have a psychic ability this is great fun to do!

Of course there are many other different forms of psychic tests but the most popular are the online tests that test more of your extrasensory perception and the . Both forms of testing are fairly accurate, although I do prefer the Zener cards, online psychic tests can be a very good tool to use and get a better idea if you have some ability or not.

Keep in mind that psychic tests, unless tested by a professional, do not 100% prove that you are in fact psychic. However, should you have consistently good testing results it can show you that you likely are in fact!

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