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Understanding How Psychic Healing Works

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Psychic healing techniques explained

Psychic healing is about making use of the energy fields around an ill patient in an effort to get rid of the health problem, some other methods used for healing are Reiki, Laying on Hands, Chakra Healing or Balancing, plus many more. The application differs with each method, but the main principle is the same.

An Aura is the energy created by the constant motion of the tiny particles of matter that every living or non-living being possesses, having different colors and every one of them is necessary for understanding certain things about a person.

The psychic healing is the transfer between the healer and the patient, the healer using the energy from the Universe as a substitute for the bad one, and grounding what’s unhealthy into the Earth’s energy.

A healer must know how to cure himself first, in cases of instability at the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, such as fear, unclear thoughts or physical illness. Some psychics can identify what is wrong with a person without resorting to any medical tools.

The healing process requires a lot of steps: the healer has to identify first the level of the imbalance, find out the root causes, consider some possible solutions, choose one and finally do the real healing. In this procedure, the healer becomes one with the person in cause: he actually faces and undertakes the fluctuations as his own, cures oneself immediately and then proceeds to provide the state of unity to his patient.

One of these aspects is Psychic Surgery, where the surgery is ‘made’ by spirits, using the body and the energy of the healer as a medium of a painless energy transfer.

Channelling is used to achieve information from ‘dead’ people.

The pranic and shamanic healings represent other forms of psychic healing and they consist in the accumulation of energy in the healer’s body that is transferred after to the patient.

Stone healing, aromatherapy and sound healing are some of the conventional activities utilized for treating.

The stone healing hails from the Native American healing traditions and it uses stones that must be heated and put on the affected area of the body, to unwind and energize it.

The sound healing is utilized by the vast majority of old cultures, such as the Greeks, the Chinese and the Indians. After the sound relaxes the spirit, it restores the lost balance between the spirit and the body with the help of its kind resonance.

Apart from chronic problems, you can detect a fake psychic healer after the number of visits he plans on solving your problem with. Known as the Placebo effect, those with intense health problems really want to be healed, so most of them will believe anything. It is just a matter of belief until you’ll solve your problems and that with the right healer.

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