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Good Psychic Reading

There is nothing worse than having just spent your hard earned money for a good psychic reading only to find out that he/she is a psychic fraud! Its completely heartbreaking and can be hard on your wallet too. So then how do you know if your speaking to a real psychic or not?

good psychic reading

Good Psychic Reading

  1. For you skeptics the answer may seem simple but really its not. The first thing that you need to be aware of is how you contact the psychic. In case you didn’t already know, you can get a reading through email, chat, over the phone, through the mail, and in person. You also need to know that not all psychics work well in all environments. A psychic that does well in an office may not do so well over the phone, in a crowded room or through the internet, so be sure to ask some questions before you hire someone. Here is what you should know;
  2. How long have you been a professional reader? Although there is nothing wrong with choosing a new reader, the difference will be in their answer. Many, but not all, professional readers will answer this question by telling you how long they have been at the professional level and how long they had been doing readings for friends, family, and the like before they became a profession. This will help you weed out a psychic fraud because they will not have answers that will make any since.
  3. Have done a reading here before? What this means is have they done a reading in that specific environment (over the phone, internet, chat, an office, crowded area, and so on). A good answer is yes and they will typically tell you a little bit about their experience doing readings like that. Remember that psychics tend to be very chatty people and will tell you anything that you need to know about their experience. A bad psychic may get stumped by these questions.
  4. And lastly, although this is not a question, you want to watch out for how many questions they ask you or if they have you fill out a form first. To give them things like your first name and date of birth are standard things and can help the psychic connect to you but I have seen a psychic fraud ask a person all sorts of questions before and during the reading and then use the answers to those questions later in the reading and doing this will make them seem to be a real psychic and not a psychic fraud. It is ok to answer some basic questions but not to answer questions that could lead them into fooling you.

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good psychic reading

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