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Tarot cards can help guide us

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards used in a psychic reading, can be valuable tools in highlighting the strengths of the person seeking guidance. Often, the Tarot can warn us of an upcoming event, whether it is bad or good, so that we can be well prepared to deal with it; it can also suggest ways out of ongoing negative situations. The Tarot can help guide us in major decisions and everyday life, with the help of a psychic who can obtain information about the client from other realms.

Tarot-Card Meanings – 9 of Swords:

The 9 of Swords- in a psychic analysis this either signifies worry or a deep concern. This can also indicate a fear in ourselves that we need to deal with, and it is not always an outside problem.

It’s all about the stress of worrying about our family, jobs, the state of the country – you name it. Keep in mind that this card does not give indications regarding a current issue; it refers to you fretting about an issue that may arise in the future.

The 9 of swords tells us that we have the strength to overcome worry and it is something we need to do. We tend to hold closest to us the things that dominate our thoughts. If we dwell on the bad, our lives will reflect that, but if we dwell on the good, our lives will reflect that, as well.If our lives reflect the thing upon which we dwell, we would be better off to dwell on the good and not the bad.

Understanding Tarot Cards:

Many of us desire things in life, to do that it is helpful to visualize our goals. If you are working on having more money you could focus on the 6 of Pentacles for a few minutes every day and note how things will begin to turn around for you.
The strength card is about courage, and gaining courage with compassion and love.

The strength card tells us that compassion and love are the ways to courage. By being accepting and loving others, we know that things are made stronger. Courage is defined differently by different individuals. It can be something as heroic as rescuing a child from a fiery blaze to just getting out of bed and going for a walk when you are crushed under the weight of depression. Both of these things take the same amount of courage in the situation at hand. Strength tells us we should do the best we can to bring a balance to our lives.

I hope this article cleared up some of your questions regarding the Tarot Cards and there psychic reading uses.

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