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What Is Psychic Clairvoyance

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Before I take even one step into this you need to know what psychic clairvoyance is. It is seeing what is not normally seen with the eyes; the ability to perceive things that are typically hidden beyond the ranges of the five human senses; commonly called a sixth sense.

 psychic clairvoyance

Psychic Clairvoyance

The ability is something that exists in all people and is the building block of all psychic ability but only a hand full of us can use that ability at all and only a few of that handful can use the psychic energy at will.

My first psychic clairvoyance experience:

To put it bluntly, my first clairvoyance experience scared the life out of me and I didn’t really know what was going on at first. I was about ten years old and it was early in the evening during the summer, the sky was blue and it had been a beautiful day full of wonderful events. We had just finished dinner and were going to all get into our pajamas and eat popcorn while watching movies as a family. My Mom told me to go take a shower before we got started. As soon as the words left her mouth I was frozen in fear and for just a brief moment I could see the red and blue flashing of ambulance lights but I couldn’t hear them, all I could hear was a shhhhh sound like you get when the TV is fuzzy. I ran to my room in tears and looked out the window at a house across from us. I stared at this house often as I really liked the elderly couple that lived there and my Dad and I often went over there to help them with little chores and what not. My disobedience made my Mom very angry at me and through her yelling at me to shower I yelled back at her that if I took a shower that something bad was going to happen.

For a brief moment she took me seriously and then she threatened to ground me if I didn’t go shower, and as I had plans to go to the lake with friends the next day I complied. I got in shower and I could feel myself shaking in fear and I couldn’t figure out why or what it was that I was so afraid of. From the bathroom window that was in the shower I could see the drive way our elderly neighbors home and as I stared at it I heard the phone ring in the next room and could hear my Dad say “it will be ok, I will be right over” and I watched him run across the street to our neighbors home just as the ambulance rounded the corner. I strained as much as I could but I didn’t understand what the people were saying, all I could hear was shhhhh sound of the shower as I rinsed off.


After my shower I found out that the gentleman who lived there had died and my parents always took me seriously from then on. Sadly, my first experience was because a good and close friend was about to die. There was nothing that I could have done but the fear that I felt was so very real and I could see things that had not yet happened. Since that day I have worked very hard to strengthen my psychic clairvoyance abilities in order to help others and maybe prevent other such tragedies.


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