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Here we have added testimonials from satisfied clients who have had a psychic, tarot or astrology reading. Many thanks for taking the time to write a testimonial.

Malcolm is totally free from anykind of lures, he is honest stright forward and no nonsens person. He has a genuine intrest in peoples different problems and issues. He never sweettalk but delivers what he has to say with a gentle heartfelt compassion. He is also very generoud with his time!

Maria from Sweden


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I have consulted Malcolm for approximately 3 years via Skype for tarot card/ psychic readings, astrology and spiritual insight at Like many, I was facing turbulent changes in my life and felt the need for guidance. What I love about consulting with Malcolm is that he is gimmick free and affordable. You are not lured into any “secret” scheme that deplete your wallet due to the requirements of intervention of astral forces, luck talismans, lucky numbers for the lottery or any other such nonsense. As a result, I have kept my consultations with Malcolm at my own pace, learned to trust my own intuition, and sought solutions to life’s challenges with greater confidence and faith within myself. Malcolm along with his Spirit Guides have when necessary revealed glimpses of my future that is appropriate for me to know with incredible accuracy. As a result, I am more confident in my own decision making skills. I thank Malcolm and his Spirit Guides deeply for helping me to follow my own North Star.
– With Gratitude, Purnima


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Malcolm has a gift that he can tune into you as you speak. His guides and helpers help give you a accurate clear honest reading with a understanding that is unique to every reading.

A (Somerset, UK)


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I found Malcolm to be a kind, compassionate and accurate reader, I would certainly recommend him and will definitely come back for another reading in the future.

Donna (Main, USA)


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