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Tarot readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings differ according to the location of cards in the spread.

The fascination of tarot readings seems to have touched lots of people all around the world, and there is no quicker way to see the truth of this assertion than by having a look at the many Internet sites that provide tarot readings for free or as fee-based services. People are also invited and encouraged to learn how to interpret their own tarot readings; thus, spreads are widely explained online together with the separate card meanings taken out of context. Although, divination can be fun, do not trust tarot readings to the extent of leading your life according to what they say: common sense and a balanced judgment are the best guides you can have.

Tarot Spreads:

Tarot readings differ according to the location of cards in the spread. Some cards become interpretation keys for others in a network that only the trained, skilled eye can unravel. People often consider the instructions for tarot readings pretty challenging to understand and perform, particularly if they are beginners in the art of divination. Moreover, you won’t run short of tips and words of advice when it comes to learning how to begin and end a spread reading.

Tarot Meaning:

Tarot readings require a concentration level on the part of the participants, thus the person who is looking for an answer should focus both on the situation and the question he/she wants to ask. The power or the intensity of tarot meaning afterwards may vary depending on the above mentioned elements. However, tarot represents an art and not real divination science. Do not expect real truth exposed or clear ways of action! Do not take card reading as the main way to make decisions about important life aspects.

Learning Tarot Readings:

Special card readings, books and courses are available for those interested in learning tarot readings, and one can choose between independent tarot teachers and tarot organizations. In the United States, you can receive one of the seven certifications according to the knowledge standard level you show at an official exam. Thus, one can start as an apprentice tarot reader and move to superior formation levels that include professional tarot readers, tarot masters, tarot consultants and tarot grandmasters. This type of categorization aims at classifying skills and helping people with tarot interests turn it into something more than a hobby.

Here I have added some content from an article that I found very interesting. It’s a fairly long article on the history of tarot cards and there usage. I feel it help will anyone who wants to learn how to do tarot readings and learn more about their history and card meanings in a spread.

A brief explanation of the history and use of Tarot cards:

The classic notion is that a reader tells you your “fortune,” or the cards show you your “future.” The reality is that Tarot cards are sort of a cross between a road map and a compass. It may be true that some things in life are simply destined by Karma, or some greater universal plan. It’s very true that sometimes we have let things get too far along to escape certain consequences. On the whole, though, the cards are not sealing your fate. They are simply showing you the direction you are headed. When you get on the interstate highway in your car, you may see a sign naming a city a hundred miles away. While it’s accurate that if you drive in that direction long enough you will, indeed, arrive in that city, the sign doesn’t mention that there are dozens and dozens of exit ramps between here and there, any one of which will change your destination.

Follow this link to read the full tarot article

I have also added this video, that shows a tarot reading being given, you may get some great tips from watching this.

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