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More About The Tarot Major Arcana Cards.

The general advice for learning how to read tarot cards is to sit down and examine/define the cards for yourself before you do a reading. It’s good to buy a tarot book and read up on symbolism or get a psychic card reading prior to getting started. But in the end, understand that it’s a spiritual exercise and learning process that you will develop. In a traditional reading of the tarot, you generally shuffle the cards, pick the spread and define the meanings. If the person seems disagreeable, then you may want to do what is called a “mirror reading,” which allows the person to shuffle, select and define the cards, while you perform the interpretation.

Let’s take a look at a few of the Tarot Major Arcana cards.

The Fool

The Fool

The Fool:

Or number zero card, can have variable meanings depending on the question asked. In a positive light, the Fool represents adventure, a fresh start, boldness, freedom, innocence, blind faith and youthful exuberance. On the downside, the Fool can mean impetuousness, immaturity, inexperience and blindness to consequences. In some ways, the Fool can be the most linked card with the rest of the tarot cards. The Fool is on a journey of self discovery and symbolizes the “inner child” combined with the “inner sage.” The Fool alerts us of choices we need to make in our lives, a new life cycle met with energy and enthusiasm, or keeping faith in our impulses; yet, if shown in reverse, the Food can signal reckless decision making, our inability to accept responsibility or mental and emotional restraints.

The tarot card # 15.

Or the Devil, is one of the most well known symbols of your deck. In most instances, the Devil symbolizes animal lust and vice, a lack of morality, ego, addiction, hedonism, loss of control, illusion, excess and enslavement. Perhaps you are caught in a pattern of excessive behavior or you’re feeling insatiable and unhappy. The Devil is one of the few tarot card meanings that is primarily negative.

Card # 20 in the tarot deck is Judgment.

Which is an extremely positive card that translates to hope, renewal, faith, honesty, resurrection, redemption, transformation, heeding your call and absolution. This inspiring card asks you to ascend to your higher calling and live a life of virtue. We should embrace newfound knowledge and hear our inner calling.

Random Tarot Major Arcana.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll find that your inner calling is to learn how to read a tarot card deck! Looking at the daily horoscope has become routine for many people. Destiny Tarot CardThey use their horoscopes to make major decisions in their lives. There is a problem with this logic. Often horoscopes are too vague to do anyone any good. There is an answer that means a more personalized conjecture about your past, present and future. That answer is in tarot cards. These cards can be easy to learn and you can have a deck right in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to consult a psychic to get a reading.

The Question Is, Do You Allow People To Touch Your Tarot Cards.

Below I have added a video the will help you answer the question “Should Others Be Allowed To Touch Your Tarot Deck”

The Collective Tarot: A Magical Collaboration | Lambda Literary


From these cryptic origins, over the years, the tarot, consisting of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards, has both traditionally preserved its own iconography (think of all the references based on cards like “The Fool” and “Death”) and provided a canvas for those who eschew tradition. Neither Annie nor Clio use reverse readings, but Clio suggested, “It could mean something is blocking the energy, you need to unblock it, let it flow.” The cards are

The Tarot Elements Vision Spread | Tarot Elements


Let’s take a closer look at those levels and see what they mean within the Vision Spread. you want to achieve. In the Tarot Elements Vision Spread, it’s the sum total of your Goals; a single Major Arcana card that encompasses your individual Goals into one Vision. …. There’s also another reason we’re focussing so heavily on the Majors as our guides in this spread – they allow us to embody their archetypal natures and help change and improve our own characters.

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