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Over the years Malcolm has given many Skype psychic readings in the UK and other countries worldwide by phone.

He has also used Skype on many occasions to give readings to clients in other countries, this as proved very popular with his clients.

So, if you have Skype on either your computer, tablet, or phone why not book a reading with one of UK’s most popular psychic and tarot readers.

By using Skype you will be able to have a visual and verbal reading from the comfort of your home where ever that may be.

Check out the payment links below, you will see they start at a reasonable £30.00 for 20 minutes.


Click One Of The Links Below Right Now To Get The Psychic Reading Of Your Life.

Psychic Reading Options

Call 01458 835 949 or Skype reikimalc to receive your psychic reading



Skype psychic

Skype Psychic

By calling us on Skype you will be able to book a skype psychic reading no matter where you live in the world. Just choose the length of the reading you require above and make your payment via Papal.


Book your Skype Psychic Reading – Its As Simple As 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Choose the length of reading you would like – Make your payment
  2. Call 01458 835 949 or 07855 602 329 or Skype using reikimalc
  3. Receive your psychic reading

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