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Psychic Readings With Crystals

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Using Crystals for  Psychic Readings.

When it comes to psychic readings there are many forms of divination, and of these tarot and runes are quite popular. There are also other forms of divination that is rarely used, but will work as well, such as casting stones. Usually the types of stones used in these forms of psychic reading are crystals and gemstones, although there is also runes.

Psychic Readings With Crystals

Psychic Readings With Crystals

Not many people use casting stones, which is the method of using crystals and gemstones for divination. A variety of uses for casting stones exists, and each psychic reader will have to determine for themselves what serves their purposes.

Casting stones are a group of crystals and gemstones which are thrown onto a flat surface and used by the psychic to help them with their psychic readings. These stones can be found in a kit, with a drawstring bag to store them and. Most who use the stones like to choose each stone by hand so they can get a feeling from each stone, and it’s vibration, the feel of a stone helps the individual determine if they want it in their kit.

Crystal Energy Reading

It is in the best interest to use smaller stones not tiny ones, because the tiny ones can be lost easily. There should also be one side that is flattened. Also remember the magic that is connected to each stone when you pick it out.

Tiger Eye is a yellow/orange stone which is associated with light, warmth, heat, daylight, clarity, and the Sun. Cats, eyesight, and the night are some of the things also associated with this stone as well.

Amethyst, as with all purple stones, is usually associated with psychic vision, and spirituality.

There are numerous excellent books available to buy if you are just beginning to take an interest in the subject matter.

Casting of the crystal stones can be accomplished in a number of different ways. Some psychic readers choose to make a cloth to throw the stones on and many times a circle is drawn on the cloth which is divided into four equal parts.

Crystal BallEach Psychic reading consists of 1 of four parts of the circle, each representing a direction:

Air Element – East.
The color yellow and the mind are both related to air.

Fire Element – South.
Fire corresponds with the element of energy with red as its designated color.

Water Element – West.
Purple stones, blue stones, emotion and psychic abilities are all associated with the water element and the west.

However, there are many more divination techniques that can be used to aid in psychic readings, and the psychic as to find the ones that work for them.


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