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Psychic Readings – Can Everybody Do Them

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Will I be able to do psychic readings?

I have been a professional psychic for many years and in that time my clients have asked many questions, however there are two that seem to come up on a regular basis and these are, am I psychic? and if so will I be able to do psychic readings?

 Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

My answer to both questions is yes and yes, because from my experience I believe we all are.

Now I have thought about these questions many times over the years and have felt I should try to help give direction in some way. The problem for me is I am not really a gifted writer but more of a verbal communicate as in psychic readings and workshops, where I meet people either face to face or by phone or Skype.

Anyways,  I woke up this morning and my first message from my guides was “come on Malc get of your butt and write, its time” “do it,do it now”. It like OK guys I’m on it. So here we go.

I have listed below some pointers that I feel may help the individual who is consciously looking to develop their own psychic abilities in order to use them to help people by giving psychic readings and healing.

  1. I would suggest joining a development group offered at most Spiritual Churches.
  2. Check the local paper for Psychics and healers advertising courses locally.
  3. Check the internet for courses on developing your psychic readings abilities, there are also tarot, and astrology courses on the net.
  4. Get a Tarot deck and practice one or two spreads until you feel confident to maybe give a friend or family member a reading. Try and trust the messages coming through and resist looking at the instruction booklet (This is because we all have our own unique way of receiving messages)

 Getting into Professional Psychic Reading

Ok that’s the end of the article, I sincerely hope that all you budding psychics find the information given here helpful in your journey to finding and excepting your gifts. And also helps to give some fantastic psychic readings in the near future.

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