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Increasing Your Psychic Awareness Tips

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We All Have Psychic Awareness or Ability

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psychic awareness

Psychic Awareness

Any form of psychic awareness allows the person possessing it to see and sense events beyond what is immediately occurring around us, or what is obvious. It is thus sometimes referred to as extra sensory perception, a virtual extension of our usual sensory prowess.

How to Increase Psychic Abilities:

Everyone poses certain amount of Psychic Awareness or Ability. The only difference between them and regular Psychics is based on the level of trust they have on their capacity. A number of us clearly confess having a certain amount of intuitive capacity, but very few of those claiming to poses it project enough to trust their intuition entirely.

Our brain is regularly flooded with various sorts of images and information. The brain processes these information and assigns them meanings according to past experiences of the individual. Therefore, obviously enough, a number of information or images are not assigned any such meaning, basically due to the lack of the individuals past experience regarding the matter.

Medium Awareness:

The brain will also give priority to things which might affect the individual’s survival over all else, so if there is something particularly hot or cold or potentially harmful around you that’s what you will be informed about before you are let to know about the cute guy who is passing along. Only after these fundamental information have been dealt with will the brain try processing the more subtle sensory input. However, such a point, at which the less understood information is tagged, may or may not be reached at all.

Certain people, people we call Psychics are accustomed to decoding such sensory inputs more frequently than regular people like you or me. This extra ability to deal with most information that they gain access to is what we term as psychic ability.

Various Types of Psychic Abilities:


Psychic Ability

You must have of course been bombarded with the names of various Psychic Abilities to have a bit of Psychic-oriented-vocabulary by now, thanks to the ever-growing influence of the television and the media. Our kids today rattle of names like Psycho-kinesis, Telepathy, Astral Projection, Clairvoyance etc. as easily as they munch their fries. But that is not to say that our awareness about any of these abilities have been developing holistically. Most of us use these terms, sadly enough, to appear learned. Our attempt at this point is to wade through any such scholarly pretense and to instead just acquaint ourselves with basic concepts.

Our Psychic Abilities are determined by the various chakras in our body. In all there are about 7 chakras located around our spine. The work of the chakras has often been compared to the aperture of a camera, the more they open up the broader our view becomes. Although there are 7 chakras in all not all of them are connected to gaining Psychic Awareness. In the following section we will only be focusing on a few of those chakras, which contribute, to our psychic abilities.

Let’s take the 2nd Chakra first. The second Chakra allows us the potential of Clairsentient. This psychic ability helps you feel things at a very personal level, much like Diana Troy of the Star Trek series. Thus they are also sometimes referred to as empaths in the sense that they are literally empathetic individuals, they feel exactly what others experience.

The 5th chakra grants us the power of Clairaudience or the potential to hear information. We always receive various guiding notes by a certain inner voice with in us; this inner voice is essentially the information, which we receive at a Clairaudient level.

Clairvoyance is a rare Psychic capacity to literally see images in one’s own head. This unique power, allowed by the 6th Chakra, has often been referred to as the third eye, indicating the insight it allows us.

Increasing Intuitive Abilities:

The 7th chakra grants us the power to know. This power of knowing allows you a rather illogical knowledge of things around you, without letting you in on the secret as to how you know about them. The 7th chakra is located right at the top of your head and thus the information it has access to is not allowed to the other chakras in the other parts of the body.

Conclusion How to Develop Psychic Intuition:
Any sort of Psychic Ability, whether acquired or inherent is a gift, which must be exercised in, order to keep it effective. A number of us are dissuaded even frightened to make use of capacities, which we soon realize we possess. Being a Psychic or possessing such abilities is not inhuman but rather extra-human, if such a word may be allowed. All of us have Psychic experiences. It is for us to recognize them and nurture them the way we would nurture a talent in singing or dancing. Ultimately this is a capacity, which allows us insight and a chance to help others, as well as our own selves.

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