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Psychic Games

Psychic Games


Psychic games is played with Zener cards

Psychic games are not only fun to play but can also show you if you just might have some psychic abilities too! One of these psychic games is played with Zener cards. You can get a printable version of these cards online, just print them out and cut them into cards. To play this game you will need to sit back to back with another person. Give one person the cards and have them shuffle them up a bit and draw a card. The person with out the card now guesses what card the other person is holding up. It?s a simple game but it can be a lot of fun! This is just one of many psychic games and its also available online where you can play with a computer. The Zener cards are also used to test psychic ability!

Fun Psychic Games:

One of my favorite psychic games is played with a regular deck of playing cards. Shuffle the cards and lay them out on a table. There should be three lines of cards with three cards in each one. It doesn’t matter if there are face cards, jokers, or just numbers. Now you ask one person to leave the room. While they are gone you have another person choose a card that?s left on the table and not moved. Once you have done that you can have the person who left the room come back in and guess which card was chosen. There is another variation of this game. When the person re-enters the room they guess not only the card that was chosen but who picked it! To make either one of these psychic games more interesting you can play them at a Halloween party or birthday party. Yes there are ways to cheat at this game but if you really want to make into a psychic games night then you shouldn’t be looking for a way to cheat! You may actually be surprised how many people are good at this.

These are just a couple of the many psychic games that there are out there. Any game that you find yourself having to guess what something is or where something may be is going to be one of the psychic games. Some times you may even find that games that you played as a child, like hide and go seek, and other such games are actually psychic games.


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