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Tarot Guide or Tarot Book

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A tarot guide is very similar to a tarot book, the difference is that most tarot books come with a deck of tarot cards and are specific to that deck of cards and give little insight into other decks or tarot card spreads, not to mention the fact that they are typically very small in size and contain little information. Getting a good tarot guide is an important thing to pick up if you are going to learn to read the tarot or if you would just like to know more about the tarot and tarot spreads. A good tarot reader can read any deck of tarot cards or even playing cards with out ever looking at the book that comes with the tarot cards themselves.

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners

tarot guide

A “how-to” book with 19 lessons and numerous exercises, beginning with the basics and gradually moving into advanced concepts so that you can learn to read the tarot at your own pace. Includes interpretations for all the cards. The author first presented this course on the Internet, and continues to provide website support for students with questions. 178 illustrations using the popular Waite deck. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.A “how-to” book with 19 lessons and numerous exercises, beginning wi


The best tarot guide books come with explanations of each of the cards and the different suits that maybe used but mean the same thing. Such as the Wands, Rods, Staves, Batons and Clubs all read the same as do the Swords and Spades, the Pentacles, Disks, Coins and Diamonds and also the Cups, Bowls and Hearts. Although at first glance it may look like all of these suits are different but in face there are really only four suits but over time they have developed into multiple different looking suits that mean the same. Things like this are described and explained in a good tarot guide.

Also found in good tarot guide books are many different tarot spreads. Some of the most common tarot spreads are the three card spread, the five card spread, the ellipse spread, the Celtic cross, the mirror spread, the mandala spread, and the relationship spread. Although a tarot book that comes with you are tarot cards may have a few tarot spreads in them, they will not explain how to read the cards that are actually in the spread as each position gives each card a slightly different meaning. These things are all explained in good tarot guide books.

A good tarot guide book is something that every reader should own, no matter if they are a professional or if they are just learning this fascinating form of divination. In fact you might be surprised to know that even tarot readers that have been reading tarot for years will still have a tarot guide in their procession. The reason is that even a good tarot reader knows that at some point in time its possible for a card or situation to stump them and they will need a good tarot guide book to reference. Of course that isn?t something that happens often with a good experienced reader but I guarantee that they all have one.

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