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6 Tips On How To Do A Psychic Reading

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How To Do A Psychic Reading

Divination is really a serious undertaking, the way in which a psychic reading is carried out, sets the mood for the whole reading. The truth is a psychic reading ought to be conducted in an easy, yet sincere manner and the reader should not act as if they are the one that knows, and the one being read for is without a doubt lucky to have them do a reading.

How To Do A Psychic Reading

Doing A Psychic Reading

Below are a few tips to make sure the reading will be good for both of those taking part, and they will come away with a sense of having achieved what they set out to learn.

  • For starters, the psychic reader must be friendly and generate a connection with the individual they are reading, that’s non-threatening. Let them know you’re there to help.
  • After the person asks the question, repeat it orally to help put it before the Universe. Tell them the answer they receive may not be clearly given, but rather given in a way that should help them to see the best way to approach the specific situation as it relates to them. Be certain that you’re clear about what the individual really wants to know.
  • Take a moment to pause and let the person think about what you have said to this point and put them at ease. Tell a joke or recant a funny story to humanize the reading and yourself.
  • Restate the question and review all of the important parts of the psychic reading, showing how they relate to the final answer. The answer should be clear to both of you. The one being read needs to have a clear answer to the question in terms they can understand.
  • Recite a summary of the answer in a direct and clear manner. This is the time to give any advice or add comments you feel necessary. This is the final answer to the question that was asked.
  • Finish the psychic reading in a light, positive way. You will now remove yourself from the situation and put the responsibility of seeing that the outcome is realized through the action the person decides to take in the situation. Help them to see they have a choice to make and the strength and ability to see it through.
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