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How Does A Fortune Teller Work?

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Fortune telling looks like the most practical of all the tricks a psychic can use. At least you’ll know every time if your picnic will be ruined, or how to choose your job wisely or you know whenever a friend doesn’t arrive anymore, so you wont need to wait for them anymore.

You’ll need to focus your attention totally on the information you seek in order for the magic to work, given that the most crucial aspect for a fortune teller is concentration. But you might not like everything you foresee.

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One of the least difficult ways of fortune telling is the interpretation of the pendulums movements. While and old key is useful too, most people opt for a golden ring or for a crystal. As the pendulum hangs still, ask a question that can be answered by yes or no and the pendulum will begin to move: if it swings in a N to S course, then the answer is yes; if it swings E and W, then it means no; alternatively way, if it rotates, it means perhaps or that its better for you not to have this information at that moment.

An ancient method of fortune telling is the Prophets pebbles and its still incredibly considered in occult groups nowadays. You don’t need more than 3 pebbles, but be careful, because they must have similar shape and size, but different colors. One of them has to represent the Indicator, one has to be the Yes answer and another one the No answer.

Ask a question that is, of course, answerable by yes or no, then shake the pebbles like dice and toss them on a large table. The closest stone to the Indicator has the answer. If they’re equally distant, it means that your question has no answer for the moment.

You’ll need to cast the pebbles frequently in order to gain energy to be accurate. You will need to hide your pebbles when they’re not working and keep them somewhere separately.

The magic circle is flawless for questions that require more than a yes or no in a fortune telling session. After drawing a circles of eleven inches on a piece of white paper, write close to its edge all your possible answers or the letters of the alphabet. Put a small top (made of wood or metal) in the middle of the circle and spin it. The good answer is the point where the top stops spinning. For the alphabet method, you will need to spin it multiple times until it reveals the letters of your resolution.

The flame of a candle cant give as accurate detail as the techniques of fortune telling already explained. You need an area without breezes. You need three candles of the same size and color put in a triangle.. After lighting them, observe if a flickering flame burns more brightly than the others. That means youll have an unforeseen stroke of good luck. If any of them goes out, it indicates bad luck. If the flames move in a circle, its a warning that enemies are working against you. However, it is possible to tell if you are surrounded by enemies in the case where a flame shoots out sparks. If they burn steadily, all will go well. But again, this method is quite uncertain?

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