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Free Tarot Readings

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Free Tarot Readings

Free Tarot Readings represent basic form of service offered by web pages for sheer entertainment purposes and as a reaction to fee-based alternatives. If in the past, tarot played the role of the art of future-telling, the modern online usage often reduces the interpretations to automated responses generated by software. Unlike the real tarot spread where the a human reader makes the interpretation, the free tarot reading available online are generated by a special computer program that comes up with aleatory meaningful representations for the tarot cards the user chooses from a deck. In the light of the automated spread, the question of how much to trust tarot becomes pointless.

Tarot is not a science:

Tarot is not a science, but an art that depends on a subtle energetic flow that gives a certain truthfulness to the meanings of the tarot cards. The interpretation of the cards only receives meaning in the context of the spread. A certain card cannot be understood unless it is analyzed in relation with the others in the vicinity. Remember the fact that it is harmful for logic, common sense and the human mind to act according to predictions and eliminate the free agent rules of existence.

Free Tarot Read – Fortune-Teller:

As for the abundance of the sites that offer a free tarot reading, it is beyond any doubt that most of them deal with other aspects of the esoteric reality often promoting or even selling lots of stuff adjacent to the occult. A special category here is that of web pages that are mainly informative and for which the free tarot readings represent an illustration of the major site purpose. Such sites regularly send free tarot readings in newsletters addressed to their subscribers and rely on the web space for advertising purposes which generates profit out of page traffic.

Tarot Reading Spreads:

With the risk of over-stressing the entertainment side of the preoccupation, a free tarot reading will differ from one site to another. Most of the spreads are either demo versions or very easy layouts that do not tell the user much in terms of significance. Otherwise, these free readings become a bait for curious visitors with a taste for the occult, attracting them into paying for a subscription. You may begin by getting some free tarot readings but then when your curiosity is fired, you’ll have to take money out of the pocket to satisfy it.

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