Are there Different Types of Psychic Readers?

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Different Types of Psychic Readers

To help you understand what we are talking about we are going to give you a brief course in psychic terminology, firstly by understanding what a psychic reading is. A psychic reading is where you sit with a psychic and they read your energy and consult an oracle of their choice.

Oracles are tools of divination that we psychics use to provide guidance for ourselves as well as others who are on a personal journey of self-discovery and self-development.

The types of psychic readers include:30 Min psychic readings

  1. Runes
  2. Tarot Cards
  3. Crystal balls
  4. Bones
  5. Tea leaves

Psychic tarot readers are psychics that consult the Tarot to offer you guidance through your current situation. A good psychic Tarot reader will not only address where you are now, but how the past is impacting your current situation and where you are headed if you stay on the current path you are on.

Psychic Rune readers are psychics that consult Runes to offer you guidance. Runes are one of the oldest known oracles; often they resemble stones with cravings on them. There are different types of spreads the psychic can use to offer more detail to a situation.

There are psychic mediums; these are psychics that work with spirit guides to help you talk to a loved one that you have lost. There are many famous psychic mediums such as Elizabeth Baron and Sylvia Browne.

Clairvoyant Psychic Reader:

There are also psychic clairvoyants, these are psychics who use their own natural talents and gifts to tell you about past, present and future events to help provide clarity. They obtain this information through ways other than normal human senses. For example through touching an item and getting a vision.

Psychics Online and on the phone:

Now with the advances of technology there have also been advances in the availability of psychics. There are psychics that are available over the phone, they provide psychic phone readings. While I have personal feelings over whether or not you can get a real reading from someone that cannot feel or read your energy, this option is available.

Today you can also get a psychic reading via text message or through your email. At best a psychic reading over the phone, online or email is going to be a very general reading, meaning that it isn’t going to be specific to you. Will you be able to get something out of those readings? Possibly, it is still recommended though that you find a good psychic and have a person to person reading done.

Real Psychic Readers:

Malcolm M is a psychic with over 29 years experience has a psychic, astrologer, tarot reader and shamanic healer.

Psychic Readings and Shamanic Healing

Psychic Readings and Shamanic Healing with Malcolm M #psychicreadings #psychic #lovepsychic

Are there Different Types of Psychic Readers?

Different Types of Psychic Readers To help you understand what we are talking about we are going to give you a brief course in psychic terminology, firstly by understanding what a psychic reading is. A psychic reading is where you sit with a psychic and they read your...

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