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Free Psychics

Free Psychics

Checking Out Free Psychics

I mean really, is a real psychic just going to give their talents away? I think that its insane to actually believe that there are real free psychics out there. Its got to be either a ploy to some how talk you out of your money or scare you into paying them some huge amount or its just a really sick and twisted joke that some phony is playing on us. There is just nothing in my mind that will allow me to believe that free psychics are real in any way shape or form. Setting my thoughts and opinions aside I decided to look into it a bit more and what I found really surprised me!

Free Psychic Network:

I started out with searching the net for free psychics and I found out that most if not all of the psychic networks give out free minutes to new clients and sometimes even to the clients that they have had for a while. That left me to wonder is it free psychics or are the psychics still getting paid for the reading and to they even know that they are being marketed as free psychics or that minutes are being given away like that. The interesting fact is that many of them don?t know that they are being marketed as free psychics nor do they even know when a reading they are giving is free to the client. Even more than that, many of the free psychics are being paid by the psychic network for the reading that they are providing.

Free Love Psychic:

You see, my big concern over free psychics is the fact that I know that you really should exchange something with the psychic in order for the energies to flow properly. A long time ago a psychic might accept fruits and vegetables in exchange for their services, meaning that even before the creation of money there was no such thing as free psychics and still to this day there is really no such thing.

Free PsychicsFree Psychic Readings by Email:

In reality, free psychics are not actually psychics that are working for free. Although you might find some that may work for themselves that offer a couple of free minutes if you really pay attention in those first few minutes they are not doing a reading and they wont do one until there is an exchange of some sort. On the psychic network sites the free psychics are not working for free and they are receiving an exchange of you calling them and them receiving an income because of that. They don?t know that your call to them is free. So although free psychics don?t exactly exist the free readings that you can receive are in face real psychic readings. Although the companies are out there to make money they know that they cant give away something like a psychic reading and be truly successful they know that they have to pay the psychics.

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