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2 Psychic Development Videos To Help Your Development

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Here are a couple of videos on psychic development that I enjoyed … check them out

Introduction Chapter of the Online Psychic Development course, offered free via Written and Designed by Jaecinta Harris, MA 2007 Out of love and divine service to all other beings seeking their inborn omniscience at this time, I offer my online psychic development class to you for free. This is the Introduction Chapter. The entire curriculum can be found on The class is simple and user-friendly…even though the information itself is Life changing. 🙂 In the course you will learn what prevents you from easily accessing your natural-born psychic abilities, and how to overcome these barriers in order to hone your gift. You may also participate in the Student Forum Discussion and share insights, tools, and questions with other students that are currently taking the course. Also free. 🙂 Enjoy. . .
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(#06) www.foptv.comFREE ONLINE PSYCHIC TRAINING VIDEOS. This is the sixth topic in the FOPTV series of 54 being discussed. The point to this particular clip is to help you understand the secret to unlocking your own psychic ability. Along with other information and ideas that are imperative to understand if you truly want to “unlock” your own potential. To learn more about the FOPTV series, how you can help and support us, or to just learn more about us and the other things that we do please visit us at http
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My Spirit Flies

My Spirit Flies Where The Eagles Fly

Psychic Video - My Spirit Flies
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KGB Agent with Frightening Psychic Abilities

I have added this sequence of 2 videos about a KGB agent with very powerful psychic abilities. I found them really interesting, showing the psychic tests that where used.